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With over 40 years of experience as a therapist, I provide both individual and group supervision. I provide supervision over Zoom. I work primarily in the AEDP model of therapy, but I'm influenced by other modalities, including somatic, gestalt, EMDR, Narrative and Humanistic models. Many find my extensive experience with trauma and working with men who use violence, assessing risk, and supporting victims of violence to be of great value in challenging cases. My therapy practice now includes as many women as men, so my supervision is not limited by my initial focus on men's issues. Since the strength of the therapeutic alliance is the most critical factor in producing a change in therapy, I bring particular attention to self-awareness and self-regulation as a therapist, as well as the ethical use of self-disclosure.

Effective supervision requires a feeling of safety and agreement on your goals and how we will work together. I have often received supervision over the years, so I know the vulnerability of presenting a case where I doubt myself or my effectiveness.

I will start our work together by exploring your strengths as a therapist. I look for what you are doing that is helpful and effective. I believe in the effectiveness of supervision based on sharing videotapes of actual client sessions. If you are not taping, I can provide technical help on what equipment and setup work best. Furthermore, I will describe how to present the videotaping option to a client so that they can see it will enhance the effectiveness of your work with them. I also have legally-reviewed consent forms that I will share with you.

Some clients won't agree to videotape, or it may not be appropriate. You are welcome to discuss the case with me without video. At times I will demonstrate a therapeutic approach by sharing a video of my work with a client. Then you can decide if I am "walking my talk."

In my experience, all therapists will sometimes experience their own history or trauma getting in the way of being the best therapist they can be. Therefore, I seek to provide safety so you can acknowledge this when it happens. If you choose to, we can then explore this more deeply.