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Individual Issues with Conflict

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"Everything that irritates us about others can lead to understanding of ourselves." - Carl Jung

Does Anger Get the Better of You?

I work with men and women, adults and youths who seek to restore kindness and respect in their lives, whether in their personal or work life. There are differences in how people respond to the same event. Some people respond from the best in them and some from the worst. Responses are usually a result of your thoughts about what is happening, rather than the event itself. In the counselling session we will work together to see how your thinking influences your feelings and responses and learn what you can do that will build respect in your relationships, rather than anger or mistrust. What feels like a "flash of anger" actually has stages that you can learn to notice before you make a response that you will regret.

Would you like to:

  • Learn to use your strengths and values while in the midst of conflict?
  • Strengthen self-respect by expressing your needs in ways that others are most likely to hear?
  • End behaviour that contributes to distance and mistrust?
  • Understand how others have been affected by your anger and heal those relationships?
  • Feel that your life is controlled by your own choices rather than by circumstance or other people?

Phone for a telephone consultation prior to booking a session: 604.253.8641

Corporate & Agency Services

"Peace is not the absence of conflict but the presence of creative alternatives for responding to conflict -- alternatives to passive or aggressive responses, alternatives to violence." - Dorothy Thompson

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Dale teaches and develops courses for the Centre for Conflict Resolution at the Justice Institute of British Columbia (since 1983). Dale designs customized Conflict Resolution Training for a variety of companies, agencies and government ministries, producing video-based training packages including "Train-the-Trainer" manuals.

Dale also works with Employee Assistance departments or agencies. He has worked extensively with risk assessment and risk management in the workplace. He works with employees seen as a possible risk for violence and disruption and determines the risk for the company and the employee. He consults with management on finding the best ways to work with these employees and how to put in place a process which will identify, determine and remedy risk earlier in the course of an employee’s history.

Conflict Resolution Workshops
The following workshops are offered on a regular basis and may be customized for the needs of your specific workplace situation.

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Defusing Hostility: Turning Conflict into Cooperation
(1-day workshop)

With increasing frequency, employees today are dealing with hostile and threatening responses from individuals. Whether it's on the phone, in the office, on a hospital ward, or in the individual's home; staff is concerned with their own safety and effectiveness.

This workshop will use a combination of lecture, discussion, video, and small group role-playing to increase the participant's knowledge and skill level in responding to hostile individuals. With opportunity for individual participation, the following questions will be dealt with:

  • What are the causes of hostility and aggression?
  • What are the basic skills for defusing a hostile person?
  • How can I deal with the feelings and tension produced in me?
  • How can non-verbal communication be used to calm a tense person?
  • What are the components of an effective team response to hostility?
  • What impact does the environment have on hostility and cooperation?

Participants will work toward strengthening their own common-sense approach based on self-knowledge and the appropriate application of technique.

"I have high praise for the conflict resolution course offered by your firm. The feedback I received form senior lawyers and their legal support staff as well as employees new to working with the public was exceptionally positive. Not only did they pick up a wealth of practical information, they enjoyed themselves in the process. We will definitely be working with Trimble and Associates again!" - Christal Pendleton, Human Resources, Legal Services Society

Resolving Conflict on the Telephone
(1-day workshop)

This workshop gives you the tools you need to feel confident and act professionally. You will learn:

  • Your trigger points - why you need to defuse yourself before you can defuse others!
  • The "Essential Skills" for turning conflict into cooperation both on the telephone and in person.
  • How using the five qualities of your voice can calm disruptive people and yourself at the same time.
  • How to resolve a call with a non-stop talker.
  • How to set limits without further escalation.
  • What to know when dealing with mental illness or extremely distressed people.
  • How an uncomfortable situation can be turned into a positive resolution for yourself as well as your client.
  • How to manage personal stress including effective stress management techniques to reduce tension in two minutes.

"I learned more about anger and feel better prepared to handle tough situations." - Patrick Savoy, Growthworks Capital

Family Violence Prevention Training

Uncovering Respect and Kindness with Those Who Have Practiced Violence and Abuse

(A two-day workshop for counsellors)

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Based on the assumption that all human beings by nature are capable of kindness and respect the workshop explores the qualities of the counselling relationship with clients who use violence or abuse in their relationships, and stresses staying connected to our heart in the work.

Workshop Content:
Included are theory, role-play, case discussion, and guided experiential exercises. Participants are encouraged to bring material from their work with clients. Topics include risk assessment; victim contact; respecting unreachable clients; and individual and group exercises to deepen learning and change. Theoretical explorations draw on the influences of Alan Jenkins, psycho-educational skills, and solution-focused methods. Special attention will be paid to remaining present with a client when we are angry, disgusted, or overwhelmed and staying connected to our heart in the work.

Some comments from workshop participants:

"Dale’s workshop was a wonderful opportunity to connect with a community that is centered on respectful practice. My vision for continued creativity in doing this work was renewed and refreshed."
Scott Harrison, Registered Clinical Counsellor, Port Coquitlam, BC

"I feel as though I’ve been introduced to a new way of being with and working with the men. You challenged our perspective of how we view these men."
Jeff Bondy, Counsellor, New Directions, Ottawa, ON

"Excellent facilitation - nice that you are sharing what you are experimenting with yourself. I absolutely got what I wanted to get out of this training. That is rare."
Elina Falck, Community Connections, Revelstoke, BC

"Your skill and deep compassion for the client show clearly."
Elena De Guzman, Department of National Defense, Cold Lake, AB

Responding Effectively to Family Violence
(A one-day workshop)

This general workshop is designed for those members of the community who are faced with the challenges of family violence. A comprehensive approach to stopping partner-assault that is both integrated into and accountable to the community it serves will be presented.

The workshop will:

  • Explore the societal beliefs and myths that support violence against women
  • Describe the "response-based" approach to working with victims of violence and how it can contribute to safety, dignity and respect
  • Present a safety plan for responding to the needs of women and children
  • Examine characteristics of violent men and present appropriate models of treatment
  • Train in assessment knowledge and skills for working with men
  • Demonstrate respectful ways of engaging with men who use violence
  • Provide models for coordinated service delivery

The workshop will use lecture, discussion, role-play, and video to enhance participant learning. The training will be helpful for the following professions: social workers, probation officers, psychologists, women’s shelter staff, family therapists, doctors, emergency room staff, police officers, crisis line workers, judges, crown counsel, victim services workers, mental health workers and government policy-makers.

For a PDF file of Dale's booklet, published by Health Canada, click COUNSELLING PROGRAMS FOR MEN WHO ARE VIOLENT IN RELATIONSHIPS .

Please phone for more information or if you are interested in customized training for your organization at 604.253.8641

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