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Trauma, Violence and Human Dignity
Honouring Resistance
Waking up to Violence
Defusing Hostility

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All too often dignity is crushed by the terrible things people do to each other. These five therapists have a different story to tell about clients who have experienced violence, trauma, grief and loss. These inspiring stories illustrate how resilience, growth and wisdom can arise in the face of suffering. The human spirit is greater than the labels of 'victim' or 'survivor'. Five therapists describe how they are educated and inspired by their clients' courage and informed by the culture and values of the community. Useful therapeutic questions and steps are described and illustrated by clinical example. In-depth theory is provided through articles by the therapists in the accompanying manual.

The therapists are:
- Makungu Akinyela (Testimony Therapy), Decatur, GA, USA
- Tonya Gomes (Cultural Witnessing), Vancouver, BC, Canada
- Imelda McCarthy (Celtic Fifth Province), Dublin, Ireland
- Richard Tedeschi (Post-traumatic Growth), Charlotte, NC, USA
- Allan Wade (Response-Based Counselling), Duncan, BC, Canada

Price: $199. (2007, DVD & VHS, 72 min. including Special Features, PPR).
Includes a 72 page manual with articles by the therapists.


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Who should see this series?

Practitioners in the victim services, mental health, social services, and criminal justice systems will find this series exciting, refreshing and immediately useful. This approach can be used with any victim of ill treatment or trauma, both children and adults: victims of spousal abuse, elder abuse, survivors of residential schools, victims of sexual abuse, armed robbery, accidents and disasters.

Program One: Honouring Resistance: A Workshop with Allan Wade

In this program, Allan Wade presents a response-based approach to therapy with victims and perpetrators of violence and examines the connection between violence and language. The response-based approach stems in part from the observation that whenever individuals are badly treated, they resist. Perpetrators anticipate resistance from their victims and take specific steps to conceal and suppress it.

With a few important exceptions, victims/survivors are represented in a language of effects, as passive and socially-conditioned recipients of abuse. Similarly, violent behaviour is typically represented as an effect of social or psychological forces that overwhelm the perpetrator and compel him to engage in violent acts.

Such accounts tend to conceal the nature and extent of violence, mitigate perpetrators' responsibility, conceal victims' resistance, and blame or pathologize victims. In contrast, the response-based approach consists of practices that expose violence, clarify perpetrators' responsibility, elucidate and honour victims' resistance, and contest the blaming and pathologizing of victims.

(60 min, $169, DVD or VHS format, includes Discussion Guide)

Program 2A: Honouring Resistance: A Response-Based Client Interview

In this program, you'll see Allan Wade use the response-based interview process with a client. Although the client is not a victim of extreme trauma or abuse, you will witness a profound change in the client's self-image and even of the specific memories of the event. (22 minutes)

Program 2B: Interview Commentary, Client Reflections and Summary

Allan and the client provide a running commentary on the process of the preceding interview. You will learn the steps to response-based interviewing while hearing the client?s feedback about this respectful and collaborative approach. In conclusion, Dr. Wade summarizes the process. (80 minutes)

Part of the Canadian library collections sponsored by the National Clearinghouse on Family Violence

(102 minutes, 2A and 2B on one VHS tape or DVD, 2005, $169)


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The video "Waking Up to Violence" powerfully depicts abusive men defending, rationalizing and denying their violence against women. Realistic scenes dramatize common themes and alibis men use to defend themselves against accepting responsibility and facing the impact of their violence on the women and children in their lives. After each dramatic segment, Dale Trimble, a counsellor in this field since 1977, examines how counsellors, police officers, hospital staff and even neighbours can assist men to really see their violent behaviour for what it is, accept responsibility and end it.

We need to wake up to the violence occurring every day in homes all over the nation. It is not restricted to any one group or level of society. Someone else can't cause violent behaviour, it is the choice and responsibility of those who use it and responsibility must be accepted before any changes can be made. Violence against another person is a crime and there is no excuse. As we hear in this video: "you can't stop something until you admit that you're doing it."

Waking Up to Violence video description

59 minutes, DVD or VHS format, 2000, $169, includes 40 page Facilitator's Guide for training purposes.


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True-to-life scenes show hostile situations many employees face in their work life. Television News Anchor Pamela Martin hosts discussions with Fred Van Fleet and Dale Trimble, counsellors skilled in conflict resolution. It is possible to turn an uncomfortable or frightening situation into a positive resolution - to turn conflict into cooperation. The four principles are the same for everyone from front-line workers to management:

  • Know Yourself
  • Learn the Essential Skills
  • Understand Others
  • Use Effective Techniques

47 minutes, 1988, DVD or VHS, $149. Includes one master copy of the training Workbook
and duplication rights to copy classroom sets.


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